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Aero Strike hack

Today we bring to your attention the fascinating game of the strategic genre – Aero Strike. Available application in social networks, takes quite a bit of browser memory, which allows you to immerse yourself in the space strategy without hanging and discomfort.

The game Aero Strike will reveal to the user a mass of unexplored galaxies, where he will need to build space bases, explore the depths of various planets in search of resources (such as fuel, ore, atom, beta crystals, which we will discuss later in the article).

Also one of the important factors is the number of command personnel, thanks to which the user of the Aero Strike will be able to hire warships, namely: reconnaissance aircraft, fighter, cruiser, landing ship, battleship, starfighter ship, marx, paladin, seraphim, which we just briefly consecrated below.

Cheats for hacked Aero Strike For Android and iOS. gold, resources, coupons, honor for free:

  • Gold – H-drh2039r
  • Credits – F-vfn3h0w
  • Ten thousand points of honor – W-cf398ef
  • Instant building construction and training – P-cfr3b29wf
  • Unlimited resources (fuel, ore, atom, beta crystals) – M-fb39w8f
  • Research without restriction – Z-289rfbs
  • Keys on all chests – U-bdr938wf

The strategy uses 3 currencies – gold, coupons and silver (codes on them are presented above).
Gold: to purchase gold, press the button “Buy Gold” (for game money). Or enter letter cheats
Coupons: coupons are given for the passage of tasks in the first stages of the game, as well as for participation in certain events and competitions. Silver: silver is given for the passage of tasks and research. You can also use gold to buy silver cards in the store.

Thanks to the hack Aero Strike, the player can use the cheats, codes and secrets of fast passage and receive an unlimited amount of resources necessary for the development of the colony and build the most powerful navy of the empire, thanks to which it is possible to crush all rivals of this world.

Cheats for Aero Strike also give the gold needed to quickly complete the building or improve the building, teach skills, buy legendary weapons and armor to unit commanders. Hacking the application will allow you to open chests without keys and go to any research without restrictions. Just Aero Strike cheats will allow you to hire only red captains in the tavern.

A bit about the tavern:

Here, in the tavern, you can find yourself captains to the service. All captains are divided into six levels (in ascending order): White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red. Captains of higher quality have higher potential and better parameters, but they are harder to find.

To advance your level in Aero Strike you need to get experience, there are 4 simple
way of its extraction:
1. A large amount of experience is given for passing assignments.
2. In studies there are many monsters, for the destruction of which you and your captains are charged with experience.
3. You can also get experience for yourself and your captains in the Military Academies, Altars of Spirits and Necroses of various locations of the world map.
4. Take advantage of hacking Aero war into cheats, giving any amount of experience, which will greatly facilitate the passage.

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