Aero Strike cheat codes for Android, free Gold, money

Do you want to become a real ace in the military aerial game Aero Strike. The game has many interesting elements. Thanks to the wide variety of aircraft and weapons, you will get a lot of adrenaline and excitement to win. In order to get the final victory, you have to go through two hundred and forty challenging levels, in which there are endless tasks. For easy passing of the game you can use different secrets. And all the information you need for this you will find on our website. Hack Aero Strike is one way to get virtual resources. But remember that this is dangerous for your mobile device. Of course, if you know the proven method of hacking, then you can use it without fear. If you do not have this information – then this article lists all the secrets you need, which are absolutely safe for Android users and Ios.

Cheat codes Aero Strike:

  • 48 000 Gold Coins – Qo#nlF8MWV
  • 67,000 Silver Coins – Tu#NNA8JQi

At the end of each level you will meet with the main boss. Yes, such an outcome of the plot exists in most games. But this makes the gameplay more interesting, because the most difficult is waiting for you before the long-awaited victory. Money Aero Strike is the element that makes the game a lot more interesting, because most gamers can not afford some resources, despite the fact that they really want to unlock all the planes.

You have such an opportunity. The best and agile aircraft will help you dodge obstacles and enemies that want to destroy you. Thanks to the information that you read and use the Aero Strike cheats, you can not look for additional information on the Internet. It’s just not necessary for you. After all, you can become a real Ace and manage the very best planes. Henceforth, you do not have to concentrate your attention on gathering resources while passing the level. After all, you have everything you need to win.

As for other ways that help to hack the game, we do not give you a guarantee that they are working. Downloading  Aero Strike mod will not give you a lot of virtual resources for free. The secret codes mentioned above are the best solution to the problem. Choose your favorite game mode and defeat all pilots. If you want to get the title of the best pilot, then you have to practice a lot and come up with a better strategy. Share these secrets with other players on social networks.

Aero Strike cheat codes


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