Cheat Codes for Mass, Coins, Android and iOS free secrets, not mod

Use the hack games in order to become one of the best in your environment. Of course, you can use many different methods of hacking, but you should know that everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Want to get a lot of coins for free, besides, a lot of mass and other necessary resources. Then forget that you wanted to download mod. This game is analogous to the famous and very popular American game. But the same idea became the basis for creating this game in social networks. The developers have gone further and now you can also download this game for Android and IOS. You can improve the gameplay. If you are wondering how to do this, then read the article to the end.

Cheat codes for Android and IOS, for free:

  • To increase the mass five times, you can use the code Y-fht349g for free.
  • The code M-fth3049g, will allow you to improve the gameplay, that is, you will receive 11 000 coins.
  • To double the experience, use the code Y-frh349fh, for free.
  • Include Vip mode – B-fhw093heg, which will bring you additional features (you can enter the codes no more than 3 times a month).
  • To disable advertising, enter S-fhw0f39tf for free.

Using unlimited resources you will be able to get additional opportunities and very quickly gain weight. You can get unlimited opportunities to free your character from the clutches of enemies and quickly develop. To get a virtual currency free of charge, you do not need to download the hacked or use any additional types of hacking, because it still does not lead to positive results. You should clearly understand that only proven sources can bring real benefits for free and quickly.

Many of the cheats have not worked for a long time for some mobile devices. But you have a unique opportunity to improve the gameplay quickly and for free. You can get unlimited possibilities, you just have to want and correctly enter secret codes.

Secrets of passing and review for free: online always gives players a leadership, you too can do this and get unlimited opportunities in the game. The more often you will contribute to the improvement of the game, that is, to get the necessary experience, the more often you will be able to get unlimited possibilities in the game, it’s not at all difficult. Dedicate the game a lot of time and thanks to this you can learn all the secrets Android and iOS. All these codes are completely safe. You can play in different modes, with different players and get delicious features thanks to our code.

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