Age of Monster – Crash World free Gold, Lives, codes, Cheat, android

Thanks to the free game Age of Monster – Crash World, you can feel like a real monster, which destroys everything in its path. You can download this game absolutely for free, but as in all games, you have to spend real money in order to improve it. The game will invite you to visit the game store and indicate how much this or that item in the game costs. On the one hand it’s convenient and fast, but why spend real money in the game if there is a hack Age of Monster – Crash World. Yes, sometimes this method can be very dangerous, but there are tried-and-true codes that we can use repeatedly if the virtual resources are not enough. Games where monsters or zombies appear are mega popular, this is the reason for the huge variety of action games. But if you found this article, then you really like this game.

Bonus codes Age of Monster – Crash World for Android and Ios:

  • 1,000 Gold Coins – Fq*hZoe8oZ
  • +300 Lives – Ca*8ev5DIO
  • Double Score – Od*qz46yx8

In the game you control the evil monster, who is waging war against people. He alone fights against the whole city, which wants to kill him. The monster has no choice, or he will kill all the soldiers who shoot him, or they will kill him. But you can use the free help, that is cheats Age of Monster – Crash World.

How to get gold coins and lives, game secrets:

As for the passing of the game, there is nothing complicated in the process itself. There are several buttons on the screen, you need to press the arrows to move forward or backward and often press the button with the image of the fist in order to attack. If you want to increase the strength of your monster or buy new weapons, then you must collect enough gold coins. But for this you do not need to download Age of Monster mod – Crash World, just enter the secret codes.

The game constantly suggests that you continue the level if you are killed. But it costs twenty coins. If you have few resources, then you need to save and you can not afford it. But after the introduction of codes, you can play endlessly. The monster moves around the city, and then gets into a parallel world, where he collects lives and coins. But now you can get them easily, quickly and for free.


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