Age of War 2 for Android, free Gold and Money, Secret & codes

Very interesting strategy, surprised after downloading Age of War 2. Here you’ll fight through the centuries and developing together with humanity. To win, you need a little ahead of progress. To do this, you need gold. A lot of money in the game is spent on the restoration of the army and its training in new skills. To win you need to capture the enemy base, it will be located in front of you. Your opponent and the soldiers will stand against each other and fight in turn. Those who will have a strong army will be able to capture the cave, and then the enemy base. Development in different Ages promises to be interesting. You will see the fight cavemen throwing stones and moving dinosaurs. Using the resources you will be able to recuperate of your characters and improve armor. Using secret codes, the player is able to obtain additional resources for development, free of charge.

Purchases Age of War 2:

  • 25,000 Gold – jf39_UIEks3

Money in the game are needed to carry out improvements, the evolution of knowledge and new technologies. Winning is still possible, but it will require you to additional costs. Hack Age of War 2, many players are looking for on the Internet. The game does not have enough gold for rapid development. We have a very long hovers near the cave, to make resources for further improvements.

When you win, you get the enemy’s resources. But they are also not so big, so you have to buy resources for real money, or use stealth. As for the graphics in the game, it is made in a cartoon style. This is quite difficult, because the game has a huge number of characters, from the cavemen to over modern military equipment. With regard to the management of the game is simple enough, you do not forget to let your new warriors to battle.

Age of War 2 money

The fight takes place automatically, the soldiers are fighting one on one in a linear style. It builds a whole chain of whose will be more powerful, and he will receive a reward. Using cheats Age of War 2 players want to gain an advantage. Gold is the main currency of the game, which will open in front of you all the roads. This will make the immediate jump through the millennia. More resources are available only for real money or using these tips for several times.


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