Agent Aliens Cheat codes Android free Money, coins not mod

In this action game you are an alien, and scientists have stolen your friends. You need to make every effort to free them. The game can be downloaded for free Agent Aliens  from the official Android and ios sites. Assemble a squad of aliens for the passage of the task. Each of them has unique skills and will be useful. To unlock all of them, you need money. Coins in the game play the role of the main currencies, they can be collected during the passage of levels. But often, players are looking hack Agent Aliens, to unlock all items in the game.  In this article, we describe how to get a lot of money, and without the risks of violations of rules of the game. To win, you need dexterity, speed of reaction and powerful weapons. Levels appear as corridors filled with weapons and traps that must be avoided. Spend coins to unlock new characters and obtain unique skills to fight with people.

Agent Aliens cheat codes:

  • 35,000 coins, bonus code – FJOEI-3uuIUH

Use the money to buy items and to improve skills. Make your squad of aliens, stronger to save the stolen friends. Scientists will come up with more sophisticated protection to stop you. End the levels and get a reward, and take part in the historic battle aliens against humans. The levels are quite complex and require you to management skills and strategic use of weapons.

Change the character and test their skills on the levels. After each company you will find a boss. Spend money Agent Aliens to improve for the upcoming battle. Victory will give you more experience and coins. Control of the game is simple enough, except for the choice of direction and jumps you can use weapons and boosters. Their icons are at the bottom of the screen. The graphics in the game stylized long corridors laboratories.

Agent Aliens hack android

Run and shoot on your device. Mod Agent Aliens on Android can already be downloaded from the Play Store. The game will appeal to all fans of the fast pace. When there is no time to think, you need to run, shoot and dodge attacks. All those who did not and did not know about the beta test can get gift coins from the developer. This will facilitate the passage, and will provide a lot of coins to purchase. Discover all the characters and features in the game.


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