Albion Online add Silver and Gold for Android, free Cash

Albion Online is a free MMORPG action game, which takes place in a fantasy world. The fate of the universe depends on the actions of the players, who produce their own tools and build cities. If you do not have the resources, here you can rent industrial buildings or land for personal purposes. The game has a lot of RPG missions. But the most entertaining part of the game is a PvP mode where you can battle with friends and other players. The world is divided into 800 parts that you can win with the guild having enough forces and resources. Everyone can play in the beta testing. These codes have been developed for testing at different levels of the game. But after the game will on Android & iOS you can use these same features. This will allow you to get a lot of money and speed up the passage.

Albion Online Promo Codes:

  • 1 million silver coins – L2HBE-C9ONZ
  • 50 000 gold coins – DPDY-YS7P8L

Big game world is divided into clusters, each of which represents the city. You can teleport, or swim on the ship between them. Every city has a map of the area where you will be able to see the location of the key points. Each building has its own function. The game is quite complicated and has a lot of functions. On the map you will see the yellow and green location. On the green, you can move and fight with computer mobs. Yellow locations have PvP mode, here you can go to battle with other players. In the game there are two currencies, gold and silver coins. Hack Albion Online gives you access to unlimited resources. Microtransactions in the game plays an important role, without them it is very difficult to develop your character. Although the game is free, for a really dynamic gameplay, you will need a lot of money. You can get it for free with the secrets help.

Actions in the game take place in the European Middle Ages, but with the presence of magic. Map and the world will depend on your achievements. All buildings and checkpoints are built exclusively by players. It is highly developed economy and the player needs to closely monitor all the domains. To get your building you need cheats Albion Online. Because all in the game is worth a lot of money in the form of silver and gold. Having the resources, you can build your own village with all infrastructures. To rent a serious building, you can team up with friends to a guild. The game do not have paid items, or things like that. All transactions for the sale and purchase pass through the Central Bank of the game.

PvP wars held only when a player is online. This is a very important and interesting feature of the game. Battles are conducted in real time with using of slash mechanics. In addition to the online battles you have to fight back against the attacks of monsters. They are activated in a dark time, and allow you to earn additional experience.

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