Alice Transforms Cheat codes Android

Help Alice to break out through the mirror in Alice Transforms for free on android and ios. With the name suggests, in the game it can be transformed and used different options for fighting. Money in the game represented as coins, they can restore life and open all items in the game. Many are looking for hack Alice Transforms, to unlock all the features of the game for free. You can do without violating the rules of using secret codes to free purchases.  This will allow you to unlock all forms of transformation and play without restrictions. Alice also has the opportunity to upgrade using the tips, you can open various forms. To win, you need to cut down enemies, avoid contact with the protected and avoid attacks. On each level the player gets a limited number of lives that require recovery.

Alice Transforms cheat codes:

  • 7650 coins for free – UIE9382_euw

With the help of the money you can unlock all items in the game and use a variety of transformation in the battles. At the end of the battle the player receives the coins as a reward. They allow you to carry out improvements and purchase items in the game store. For transformation of Alice, she had to pass through the mirror.

Great game on the story of the famous story Alice in Wonderland. Now everyone has the opportunity to visit the wonders of the country and help the main character. The gameplay in the game resembles the arcade game, because you need in time to click in order to destroy the enemy by themselves and evade attacks. Transformation will help you go through difficult tasks. To get a lot of money Alice Transforms you do not need to root or jailbreak rights, or enter personal data.

Alice Transforms hack

Obtained coins allow you to slowly and gradually increase the level and discover new things. To control the game enough one finger. The modernization will allow improving and buy new weapons. This will destroy the enemy faster and get more coins. Download Alice Transforms mod could be from the official websites and use the codes until the next update. Share your secrets with your friends, and discover all the features of the game for free.


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