Alien Smash hack Android, free Money & Bolts. Cheat codes to Unlock levels

Alien Smash is a free action game in which you need to help an alien. Discover new worlds and destroy enemies along the way, use rockets and collect bolts. They are needed to improve your ship. Tear through the outer space, destroying enemies and their weapons. For this it is enough to tap on the screen. Use the resources received to improve the protection of your ship, or continue your journey. A long journey and discovery of dozens of planets awaits you. Players often look for where to download hack Alien Smash on Android, or iOS. In this article you will find tips and instructions on how to get bolts, money for free, without violating the rules of the game. This will enhance protection and resume travel after hitting your ship. Defend the ship and its pilot, and prepared to meet all the dangers of space.

Cheats Alien Smash:

  • 780 bolts – PKAU-VFBY6
  • 1 690 bolts – P3K3-NZBCV
  • Disable ads, unlock all levels – PT2E-YI3TP

Using the resources you can equip the ship with powerful weapons, missiles. Destroy enemy missiles and meet bosses. Here you will need all the strength and resources. Using secrets, you can always continue the game from the place of defeat. This will allow you to quickly complete levels and open all the items and features of the game. Using the Alien Smash cheats, the player does not need to enter personal data.

Developers attach great importance to the graphics. So they made a very funny character and bright, colorful graphics. The game looks very fresh, and a cheerful character will relax and get pleasure from battles. It’s very fun to watch the character when the rocket hits the ship and you try to get rid of it. During the passage you will observe the destruction and damage of the ship.

You can download Alien Smash mod for free with Google Play, it guarantees you the work of secret codes. Using them you can get additional bonuses and advantages in passing the game. It has a simple control system, dynamic gameplay and a lot of different places. Enjoy an abundance of money, bolts in the game. Restore the ship and continue to search for new planets using tips.

Alien Smash cheat codes


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