Almost a Hero hack ios, free Money and Unlock Pack, Cheat codes

Almost a Hero is a fun RPG game that you can download for free on your mobile device. This is the clicker in which you have to make out of 9 idiots of real heroes. Each of them is completely useless at the beginning of the game. The player needs to click, earn gold and money and improve their skills. Why they became elected to carry out a large mission is unclear. The main thing is that their fate was in your hands. They will become heroes, or die in battle will depend on your capabilities. As in any free game, they run into money and donate. Therefore, players are not averse to using Almost a Hero hack to get extra money and sets of items on the account. Train skills of your “heroes” improve them, and buy new items for the game. In the game you will find a lot of interesting tasks. Passing through them and raising the level, you unlock even more items, sets and skills.

Almost a Hero codes:

  • IZAC-L2UARA – General Package;
  • YPBR-M8E0A0 – Rare Recruitment;
  • RDF4-T1N6Y5 – Epic Package;
  • 0T3J-SB7O6N – The Legendary Package;

After downloading the game, it will seem very funny. Brilliant animation, interesting voice acting. Each character has unique abilities and tasks. During the passage, interest remains in the new opportunities and skills that are opened in the characters. But after a few days it becomes boring, Almost a Hero money ends quickly, and it’s not easy to earn new ones.

The game is fun enough, interesting battles on the field and a complex system of pumping the character. Particular attention should be paid to the design of each of the characters. Expected to exit the game on Android, and also the emergence of new characters with their own history. Management in the game as in any clicker requires you to dexterity to press on the screen. After gathering resources, you can upgrade skills and improve the hero.

Cheats Almost a Hero are really needed, because in the game a rigid system of donate, and money is always not enough. Every subsequent improvement requires at times more money. They can not be collected when the tasks and quests are completed. It is necessary to resort to the game store, or to search for secrets in the Internet. To use codes for free purchases, the player does not need to download the mod, or enter personal data. This ensures security and improves the game.

Almost a Hero cheat codes



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