AngryRacer Live free Stars & Likes for Android, Cheat, codes

Want a lot of likes and stars? How to get a lot of money for purchases in the game without using hack AngryRacer Live. In this article you will find bonus codes, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use them. Using this method, the player does not need to get root or jailbreak rights, or violate the rules. The game has a game store in which you can buy likes, stars and potions for real money. But you can play AngryRacer Live for free, if you know the secrets. This will allow you to unlock all the cars, quickly raise the level and your popularity. Collect millions of views from the chase, use fast cars. To win, the player needs the same management skills, quick reaction and understanding how to get away from the chase, or destroy the police cars. For performing additional tricks you will be awarded rewards. Use the fastest technique and items to set new records for scans and earn likes.

AngryRacer Live Codes:

  • 5,700 stars – UMRC9r#382
  • 50,000 likes – A6XPDN#739
  • Unlock all auto for purchase – AJf0vC#831

Bonus codes will not make you instantly popular, but will make a wonderful start. This will give you an advantage over friends and other players. Use them to multiply the number of views and gain popularity. On this depends your level, and the more popular you become, the more money you earn for the stream. Cheats AngryRacer Live will also allow you to buy any car from the first levels.

Review of the game, tips for passing and secrets

The game has a nice graphics and an exciting gameplay. Our world has gone crazy with likes and views of their own creations. What can not you do to get them as much as possible. In this game, you will run away from the pursuit of police on-line and collect scans and likes of your fans. It depends on your level, this is a simple casual game in which you need to learn how to drive cars and use card traps to destroy rivals.

Hit the records of other players by the number of views. The player can perform quests, as well as visit the game daily to get additional resources, likes and views. Using secrets, the player does not need to download AngryRacer Live mod, or enter personal information. Get popular and earn more from your races. Management in the game is simple enough, but requires you to react quickly. Use tips to get a quick car, it will set new records.


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