Animal Cove Cheats for Gold Coins, Lives for free, Android and iOS Tips

Hack Animal Cove will help you learn all the secrets of this exciting game without downloading mod and additional files. Imagine that you are floating on a ship and suddenly, a terrible storm has begun. A small ship could not cope with such waves and crashed. All sank, but you managed to escape and get to the island. At first glance, it may seem uninhabited, but in fact, this island is home to hundreds of gay animals. It is here that you will find an abandoned city, which can soon be rebuilt. If you are interested in the question of how to do it quickly and for free – just enter our Animal Cove cheats in your account. You can get additional resources and get the coveted victory. Thanks to the gold coins you can gradually build a huge castle on a paradise island. In this case, your faithful companions will help you, who saved you after the shipwreck – these are the animals that live on this island.

Bonus codes Animal Cove for free:

  • Add 180,000 Gold Coins – R-r3h0wef9d
  • Add + 15 Moves – S-fj30q9f3ef
  • Add 5 Lives – P-fhw30e9f

These codes are available for both Android and IOS. You can enter the codes in the same way, either for one or for another mobile device. In addition, that in the game you need to earn a lot of gold coins, you also need to monitor the number of lives that are indicated in the upper left corner of the screen. If the number of lives is over, you need to wait a while for them to appear again. But you must remember that the gameplay should be pleasantly simple and free, so we have prepared special codes for you.

Downloading mod Animal Cove, you need it or not, to receive Gold and Lives:

This game is very bright and fun, it can remind other people of other games, but you will see many differences. If you need to get a real development in the game, you must get a certain amount of virtual currency in the form of gold coins. These coins will help you buy new items that are a must if you want to build a real huge castle.

The game Animal Cove is casual, but it has elements of strategy. This is your opportunity to get free resources in the game quickly and easily. You must have access to the instructions that are on our website. With this information, you can become the best of the best and get many extra resources for free. To use cheat codes, you must be familiar with these secrets.

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