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Anomaly 2 hack and cheats

Anomaly 2 is the continuation of the acclaimed Anomaly Warzone Earth. In the game Anomaly 2 (Anomaly 2) was added many innovations, as well as retained the main features of the first game. In general, the anomaly of Tower Defense 2 is the opposite. With the help of your unit, which you create yourself, you will need to go to a certain point on the map through a large number of Robots, turrets, which in the game are called Machines. You can build different units, turrets. Ability to interact with the game. There is an opportunity to choose a convoy road, with a share of a random house, at any moment monsters on the road can change.

Cheat codes Anomaly 2 for Android and iOS, not mod:

  • Get + 400 000 Cash for free – Af-frgq20r9w
  • Double score and all resources – Hs-fhr039qr
  • Unlock 2 Items – Az-fhr0y39

Here you will find Cheats Anomaly 2, this software will help both beginners and experienced players. Cheat gives the opportunity to buy currency for free for which you can buy robots, equipment and a lot of useful bonuses. In just a few clicks you can get something for which some people sit and play for weeks without interruption. The main problem of the Anomaly 2 players is the constant shortage of minerals and money. But thanks to hacking, you do not have to worry about this.

How to hack Anomaly 2 in 5 minutes and get a lot of money and minerals that were not enough?

After all, this software gives many advantages over different players. Firstly, this is the time spent. To purchase a certain upgrade or technology. You will need 10 seconds for a particular machine, whereas if you did not use a hack, you would have saved money for a week. It’s good, is not it? Secondly, the developers themselves are to blame. After all, it is beneficial for them that you constantly lack resources. Since, it will be tempting to get everything and immediately for a fee. That is why our hacked Anomaly 2 is the best for today. Just a couple of clicks and in your army are the best robots, cars, turrets and all this for free.

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