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Who can not love cute seals? Probably everyone presents them as defenseless and fluffy. But in this game you can control your favorites in bright and dangerous battles. Players are looking for Armored Kitten hack in order to improve their pet. But not everything is always so simple. You can change the course of events in the game, but for this, the developers force you to spend real money. Of course, the developers have created a really interesting and high-quality game, so they want to make money on this. But you can get around this by side, for this you need to know some secrets. For example, in this article you will see real cheats Armored Kitten, which do not require additional efforts and skills from you. Each player can receive virtual money a few minutes after the introduction of the codes.

Bonus codes Armored Kitten for Android and Ios:

  • 40,000 Potion –  4z#rv0r9rt
  • Unlock 10 Items – 6h#s3kb0r5
  • Double Power and Lives – 7x#0zknpos

You will have to fight not just with ordinary opponents online. In addition, you will be attacked by vampires, zombies, monsters and other mythical characters. But your cat can always stand up for itself. In the game Armored Kitten there is a share of humor. And in spite of the fact that this action game implies the presence of violence and murders, you will necessarily have a good mood and a lot of positive emotions from the gameplay.

Secrets in the game, how to correctly enter the codes for obtaining resources:

If you are a beginner, it is best to use the codes for a quick start. So you can gain a good pace in the game. But do not forget about the practice and skills that you too must have. The most important and important thing is that you do not need to download mod Armored Kitten. All you need to do is access the instructions on our website.

A lot of traps can appear on the playing field. If you fall into any of them, then your life will be taken away. Use cheat codes in order to get a lot of energy and strength in the game. Use a powerful weapon or laser to destroy ghosts and other monsters. If they get to you will also lose valuable energy and other resources.


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