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A new game was released, about the tank battles that have long been fond of many. You expect a lot of technology, exciting fights, many variations of research. Each tank will be unique on the battlefield, since the user chooses the commander himself with certain leaked skills installed equipment. So it will be difficult to meet on one card two or more identical devices.
Immediately in the player’s menu, you can see a breakdown into 6 tabs: service, commander, crew, ammunition, equipment and zip.

Cheat codes Armored Warfare for Android and iOS for free

1) Platinum set – Phe5y45y
2) Gold set – nur5tj5j
3) Open all cells for equipment – qr5jrye4rg
4) Instant reloading of the gun – Sj5jerj
5) Infinite ammunition – 2r5irtru5
6) cheats for gold Armored project (armored warfare) – l54uher
7) Experience – I45ujrnj4e
8) instant recovery of the tank – a4uje4yg
9) rapid rotation of the tower – m5jr5uhe
10) Premium account – uy4he4y

Invisibility is reduced during movement and shooting. The exception is the BBM, which does not lose stealth on the move (unless it reaches a speed close to the maximum). Light technology has excellent maneuverability. Do not forget to use this advantage in battle, so as not to fall under enemy fire.

Armored warfare Hack, cheats for skills

By entering the data of the alphabetic codes, you can quickly pump and open all the skills of the commander, which will greatly facilitate the conduct of battle and gold mining in the application.

1) Knowledge of the materiel -7ru54ujr
2) Rapid reflexes – 3lu4yherye
3) Solid hand – Feu4eyrg
4) Tactical replacement – b8u34ehe
5) Machine gun – Chejurkjr
6) Fire on readiness – vH4eygtt
7) Sewing – Aau4urje4
8) Fast rotation – ywu4ueyrye4
9) Maintaining the target – beuerye
10) Hurricane Fire – 0WRye4u5
11) Steep turns – tLpe4uhery
12) Blood for blood – uyeu4ht4
13) Tooth by tooth – GFe4uyt4
14) The strength of the team – sbi5ye
15) Sniper shooting – sXw3er3st
16) Die Hard – Er55ury5
17) Before the wedding he will heal – 0F4ye56u
18) The surge of power – gke4rfdt4y

Armored warfare hack

Also we suggest you to add effects to the commander in Armored Warfare using cheats:

1) 40% damage to sites of enemy vehicles – CoSLBj
2) 70% accuracy – PepcVo
3) 50% to the speed of ammunition change – yzuU5K
4) – 40% to the recharge rate – 6JQ56g
5) 50% to the speed of rotation of the tower – VtbOXo
6) -70% to target capture time – Bhi9Yo
Project Armata (armored warfare) cheats on equipment

For each tank in the game you can put useful equipment, which will significantly increase the power and armor of technology. These bonuses are inserted into specific 4 cells, which can be opened immediately by entering the letter codes described above.

1) the barrel bore – 6yjEyi
2) Air purifier – FLCb3J
3) Magnetic drive – uxbZ2c
4) Charges – madD6v
5) Bending sensor – tHsZcQ
6) Coating of the projectile – 2e8rQS
7) stabilizers – Ivzs7x
8) Shutter – WWjBC8
9) Barrel cone – Strnx2
10) The supercharger – todSBR
11) mechanics – 2e182e
12) Transmission – KQrD6T
13) Filtration system – ojVG7o

Armored warfare Cheats for tanks

The most important thing in the game is, of course, military equipment, the more gold it costs, the more powerful and more secure it is. But to earn such a means of destruction you need to play and win not a few battles, and hope for luck, so that in the platinum or gold set you get what you want. We propose to choose from the list of cheats for tanks anyone you like. You do not need to download Armored warfare mod.

0) Leopard 2A5 – wjrhyd5u
1) Leopard 2A7 – t87tiur5t
2) M1A1 – Rr5uthyfdu4
3) Paladin – cOirkr
4) Warrior – F356ujnreyue4
5) T-90 – Trjd4yd
6) M1129 MGS – 5x3uryhrhy
7) Ariete – rQu4drtgt4y
8) XM8 – Txhd4y5u
9) BMPT – Z4p5urhhrh
10) Armata – 8Cu4dt4
11) SEP – MIhe4urhb
12) MS – zej4d6rg
13) T90 MS-mOu5rher
1) Leopard 2A6 – O85ujrtgy

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