Armored Warriors free Gold & Money for Android, Tips & Guide

Participate in exciting online battles in the free game Armored Warriors. Battle in real time on Android and iOS. Become a commander and build your own team, mighty detachment in order to influence the course of the second world war. A voluntary army under your administration can grow dozens of times. Increase the number of soldiers, train them and increase their effectiveness. Build barracks and strategic buildings, carry out research to make a worthy rebuff to the Nazis. Earn money and gold, use bonus codes to avoid hack Armored Warriors. After all, everyone can refill the reserves and quickly raise the level in the game and improve buildings. Enjoy single battles and gain experience, raise the level and engage in battles with other players. Receive awards and gold for achievements and a break in the course of history.

Codes Armored Warriors:

  • 7,560 gold for free – FIJ_#38*3728
  • 45 000 money for free – KDL_#48*7321

Stop the Nazi invasion, learn new technologies and increase the efficiency of your army. Correctly use different units of equipment to gain an advantage. Participate in numerous battles to gain experience and become a legendary commander. Premium currency is available to all players who have learned to use the cheats Armored Warriors. Gold and money without restriction on the development of an invincible detachment.

Review of the game, how to choose a strategy of battles

In truth, it is a great strategy with broad tactical capabilities. Travel in the time of the second world, turn on the sound for a full immersion in those times. Stylized graphics, lots of weapons and technology to use. Historical events and battles are available in solitary tasks. Short training will allow you to learn the controls and effectively manage the army. The victory will depend not only on the strength of your army, but also on fighting skills.

Choose a country for which you will play, this will depend on weapons and equipment. To unlock the most powerful units of technology, the player does not need to download Armored Warriors mod, or enter personal data. Use secrets to conduct research and carry out improvements. Take under the control of a hundred soldiers and choose tactical maneuvers. Provide a reliable rear with the help of motorized infantry and armored vehicles. Use shells and air support in difficult situations. Using free purchases, everyone can enjoy the gameplay of the game.


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