Art of Conquest hack Android, cheat codes for Gold Coins, not mod

Art of Conquest provides an opportunity to participate in massive, strategic battles. Protect your own resources and attack the possessions of others. Battles in real time with an in-depth strategic component. Create your own castle and protect your kingdom. Develop an army to attack and take away the territories of other kingdoms. In the game you expect two dozen unique characters with different skills and abilities. Train your own army and prepare to defend and attack the locks of other players. Choose your own race and seize the kingdom of the powerful bosses. The game has hundreds of items allow to increase the level, players are often looking for hack Art of Conquest, to get the money to buy them. Gold coins are a premium currency, they can get through the game store, or using secrets. To use this feature, the player does not need to enter personal information, or to obtain root privileges.

Art of Conquest Codes:

  • 34 640 gold coins for free – EIUR-3929-ec

Coins are the main currency in the game. Unlock territories, buy powerful weapons and conduct training without restrictions. Meet the boss in full readiness and fight with your invaders. You are waiting for dozens of adventures, a lot of magic and nuances that you need to study in order to take a worthy place in the game. Cheats Art of Conquest will allow replenishing other resources and take a worthy place in the game.

Unlock all the characters and skills and create a powerful team. Honor the strategy of fighting using a variety of positions and changing tactics. Compared with other strategies, here you get full control. Each action of the army will depend on your combat skills. Participate in massive battles, gain significant territories and get great rewards.

After downloading Art of Conquest mod, you need to choose one of the races. Each of them has its own, unique heroes. From the choice depends on the appearance of the characters and their skills. But this is not a process of passing and fighting with bosses. Discovering new territories and weapons, you can expand the domain of the kingdom and create a powerful army. Challenge the most powerful players, using tips to get free money in the game.

Art of Conquest  cheat codes


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