Awesome Zoo: Wild Animals vs Angry Hunter Cheat codes for Gold, Diamonds, Android for free

Do you want to get a lot of gold and diamonds without using hack Awesome Zoo: Wild Animals vs Angry Hunter? Then you read exactly what you need. Use only the safest methods, for example, our secret codes. Thanks to this game you can save animals from an evil poacher who wants to sell them. You need to save the poor animals that are listed in the red book and give them to the zoo, where they will be looked after, fed and most importantly, where they will be completely safe. In order to lead the girl through the thorny path, you need to pass the task – to combine fruit three in a row. Using the Awesome Zoo: Wild Animals vs Angry Hunter cheats, you will be able to cope with tasks much faster and save poor animals. Before passing the level, carefully look at what fruits you need to collect or what goal to achieve, as the number of moves is limited and you must concentrate on the most important task.

Cheats Codes Awesome Zoo: Wild Animals vs Angry Hunter for Android:

• 3,000 Diamonds – X_493dla
• 17,000 Gold Coins – K_432dis

You will have enough of these resources in order to quickly pass difficult levels. Quickly get to the animal, because he is lonely and scared. Save him and take him to the zoo, this will be the best place for him, because the species of these animals are dying out. But three in a row that’s not all. You also need to look after the zoo. Do not forget to feed the animals in time, clean the cages and the entire territory of the zoo.

Secrets of the game Awesome Zoo: Wild Animals vs Angry Hunter, the passage, a review:

Visitors to the zoo can leave a lot of debris after themselves, but this is normal, as they will also pay you gold coins. Use the necessary resources and create the best zoo in the whole world. Take care of animals and save them as much as possible, because the hunter does not give up just like that.

If he managed to win, do not despair and enter our codes without downloading mod Awesome Zoo: Wild Animals vs Angry Hunter. So you can quickly fix everything and get an unlimited amount of resources in the game quickly and easily. As you already understood, you do not need to download anything. Just share this article in social networks and you will learn all the necessary secrets.


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