Banana Kong Cheats for Androd and iOS, free Cash

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Banana Kong hack and cheats

Banana Kong is a dynamic platform runner on Android with amusing plot twists and turns, charming characters, fascinating missions, stunning graphic design and a sea of ​​entertaining jokes. One funny monkey – the protagonist of the game King of Bananas – overeaten the delicious fruit, and so that it does not crush the skin, help her escape. A huge banana avalanche threatens to tear down half of the jungle, and not just a lover of a sweet dessert product. Save yourself, who can!

Cheats Banana Kong for Android and iOS:

  • Get + 400 000 CASH for free – Xk-fht2309t
  • No Ads – Df-fht3y209tf

Download now free cheat Banana Kong, and dive into the ocean of insane adventures of the fun hero of the game. What you just do not have to do: jump, run and catch up, dive, bounce, dodge and swing on the vines of tropical plants. And, of course, to collect bananas in beautifully traced locations. A cheat is needed in this endless runner to escape. Install a small free program on a mobile android-device and get, first, a lot of money for gaming shopping, and secondly, gold hearts and bananas. Only having all this in unlimited quantity can outwit the avalanche, rapidly approaching the hero of the mobile platformer Banana Kong.

Hacked game Banana Kong for endless money:

You will have a detailed, magnificent world with impassable jungle, huge boulders, boiling lavas, dark caves, which are packed with enemies to the eyeballs, and even scary, biting piranhas in underwater locations. It will be incredibly difficult to go through such missions, but there is a way out – you do not need to download Banana Kong mod, or program. As soon as it appears on your mobile device, get a lot of money, golden hearts and bananas. Only hacking a runner will help overcome the monkey all obstacles and escape from the avalanche.

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