BATL Cheat, codes, for Android, free Cash & Gold

BATL is a new card game with elements of role-playing gameplay. At this point, you still can not download the full official version of the game for Android or IOS because it is under testing. But you have the opportunity to install a beta version of the game, which in the future will be improved thanks to your comments to the gameplay. Thus, you can influence the development of your favorite game. But in the game there is one element that does not change – you have to spend real money in order to get virtual resources. If you think that hack BATL can always help you, then you are mistaken. Most sites that offer you such services have nothing to do with a real hacking. That’s why you should check every source of information that you use. In order to get a lot of crystals and gold, you can use, for example, secret codes.

Bonus codes BATL for Android and IOS:

  • 64 000 Gems – ITJ#xXLA_38
  • 13 000 Gold Coins – 9NX#enDF_83
  • Open 3 chests – UZM#hsft_27

Despite the fact that the game is not too complicated, you still need to think strategically. This is not difficult if you have enough practice in the game. You will know how, when and what cards are better to open for battles with different enemies. It is very important, too, to know the enemy in person, that is, to remember what skills and abilities each of the opponents has. You can achieve this only through experience and practice.

How to get virtual resources, game review:

The most important secret, which you learned in our article are cheats BATL. This is really a unique way, thanks to which you do not need to spend real money in order to get a lot of resources in the game. Just improve your game and have a lot of fun with the gameplay for free. Despite the fact that the game has 2D graphics, this does not affect the quality of the gameplay. On the contrary, players appreciate this format of the game.

Downloading BATL mod will not give you results simply because it does not work. Moreover, you can enter our codes only in the official versions of the game. In order to learn more specific information – carefully read the instructions and be sure to share this article in social networks.

BATL free cash

Fight with friends and enemies from around the world and win.


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