Battle Alert 3 for Android, free Fold & Money. Tips & Secret

Real-time strategy on Androdid – Battle Alert 3. Here, the player will build and develop its own base to create a strong army for the battle. Battle painfully similar to Clash Royale. Each player has 3 buildings and soldiers cards, which he can use. Also there are two paths for the attack, and as the cards have recovery time. But there are differences also, completely different graphics, the other characters. The big difference in the battles, is the ability to change the army at the battle. If you really looking for hack Battle Alert 3, you probably liked it. And we will try to tell you how to get a lot of money in the game without breaking the rules. As you know, legal resources can be obtained in the process of passing game assignments, or purchase in-game store. Use these resources, ensures the security of your account and your mobile device.

Battle Alert 3 Purchases:

  • 20 000 gold – E5s6_#v6jxRZ
  • 2 650 money – UM24_#dWKS4f

Each player will have their own base, which requires the development. For the construction and improvements required gold and steel. Each building has its own characteristics and levels, improving their you get more returns. Resources in the game are earned as a result of missions and tasks. For new developments, you will receive additional awards. To obtain the maximum amount of resources you need to connect the game to social networks and perform daily tasks.

Download mod Battle Alert 3 and get a lot of money on the account – it does not work. You can create the appearance of having money, but they can not be used. The game requires an internet connection and synchronization of resources goes through the game store. By increasing the base level, it becomes possible to improve the rest of the building. Their development depends on the strength of your cards, it is also tied to the level of your buildings on the base.

Battle Alert 3 money

Each player seeks to collect the most powerful cards. Collecting a powerful a pack, the player can combine characters and surprise the opponent with unusual moves. Cards Battle Alert 3 can be obtained by opening the chests. Each of them has a time limit. You can use the premium currency for the opening without delay. Often the cards fall capacity, which correspond to your level in the game.


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