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Chests, legendary weapons, gold bars, coins, increase the speed of shooting, premium account, crates, talent points, open chests instantly – all have cheats Battle of Arrow. It is a kind of shooting gallery, where the character needs to jump horseback to destroy the enemy from small arms. At the beginning of the passage, do not forget to look into the mail in order to collect the prize items, gold and crystals. All things are divided into classes, damage, speed of shooting and so on. Also, the legendary weapons and equipment can be obtained from the chests. Chests can be opened after a battle with a real player and beating him in battle. All unnecessary things can be safely sold, getting gold for it.

Cheat codes Battle of Arrow for free for Android and iOS:

1. qP2464k
2. 1L565Gf
3. q89403Ix
4. bf7539g4
5. cs590U9
6. RJ578UY
7. Fb890Hq
8. Xs389k3
9. 6sO58CE
10. BY8U93I

(Chests, legendary weapons, gold bars, coins, increase the speed of shooting, premium account, crates, talent points, open chests instantly) + fix bugs and bugs:

Now let’s talk about horses – they also drop out of chests, registering cheats for the hacked version and for passing the story missions. The better the horse, the more it has vitality, and the harder it is to kill. All of them increase the speed characteristics and give different defensive skills: shield, protection from stunning, increasing the chance to cause critical damage to the enemy and so on.

The hacked Battle of Arrow offers:

Chests, legendary weapons, gold bars, coins, raise the speed of shooting, premium account, crates, talent points, open chests instantly. Cheats rate of fire, critical damage, character enhancement. The vulnerable point of the Bosses is highlighted. Codes of legendary things. Gift certificates.

Battle of Arrow hack

Android cheats, without downloading Battle of Arrow mod, hacked version of the codes:

In addition to the horse’s skills, the main character has his own branch of talent, which can be pumped with time: the speed of aiming, the reduction of recharge time. It is important to improve skills in possession of weapons, which will help win matches against rivals. Do not forget about the guild – not only help with equipment, gold, cheats and cracking codes – it’s also the daily gifts (chests) of which often fall out legendary things. It is advisable to shoot the enemy in the head, but it is much more problematic to do than to get into the body. When you win three times in a row, you will receive the chest of the arena.

Secrets, free hack Battle of Arrow for free:

Tips Battle of Arrow: improve your equipment to quickly kill monsters and it is easier to win duels against real players. When the Boss is ready to use skills over his head, the energy ball appears, at this point you can knock down his skill by stunning him or hitting his horse and dodging the attack. The number of attacks necessary to bring down the Boss skill is written over his head. If the rage of the monster rage has time to fill – you will be given a massive attack. In order to attack the boss, various parts of his equipment will light up – which can be destroyed when hit. Destroying the boss’s armor can open its vulnerable point. It can be located in different places, so rely on your intuition.

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