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BattleRush mod

Money, gold, ammunition, resources, weapons, autoscience, shoot without recharging, rank, experience – all these are cheats BattleRush. A new game for survival appeared in steam, it is absolutely free. We are in the role of private, who needs to climb the career ladder to unblock new weapons, uniforms and the ability to create different types of equipment. At the beginning of the character is available an ax and a simple rifle with 20 rounds. You can easily get a tree and build defensive fortifications: a barn, walls, boxes of ammunition. But how you can build – so you can easily destroy. From each shot, falling on the buildings they are destroyed.

Cheat codes BattleRush for Android and iOS for free:

1. YU976856Fh
2. u567845HpL
3. rG846745R8
4. iy845753Nk
5. RM844573h
6. Oy869624Z
7. CE967856e4
8. w573537Pn
9. Dg9586756Y

(Money, gold, cartridges, resources, weapons, autoscience, shoot without recharging, rank, experience) + fix bugs and bugs of the game

Which is very helpful in attacking snipers – a couple of RPG volleys or a tank and the building is not, like the enemy. With each extracted material and successful construction – the rank rises (as well as due to the killing of the enemy). The main task is to smash the enemy’s base in the truest sense of the word – simply in pieces.

The hacked version of BattleRush offers:

Unlimited ammunition, open all weapons, shooting without recharging. Opponents are highlighted in red – significantly increases the chance to spot an enemy in shelter or grass. Cheats for resources – allows you to immediately build tanks, equipment, homes and much more. Codes of rank, open new soldiers.

Android cheats, BattleRush hacked version of the codes

Purely meat game – where you have a chance at any time to hide behind the fortification, find yourself in the house. Or if you are attacked immediately by 5-6 people to create an instantly tank and spread the entire group at once. Do not forget – that the cartridges are limited and it is worth using them wisely. By means of cheats certainly it is possible to put unlimited arms – there you will find also rifles, bazookas, grenade launchers, napalm and many other things.

BattleRush hack

Codes will help you quickly learn in crafting – immediately available 999 wood, metal and other resources. It is also very convenient thought out in the hacked version that the enemy players are highlighted in red and they are easy to see in the grass and behind the trees. Fixed configurations, graphics and detail settings and removed bugs, which significantly reduce the ping.

Hack without downloading BattleRush mod:

Tips BattleRush: we advise not to swoop straight into battle – to use cheats on resources, to build a safe road to the enemy base in the form of houses, defensive equipment. After all, this crowd will run to smash your base anyway and no one will wait for the armada of tanks on the way. We make 5-7 tanks for our team and spread our enemies in 5 minutes. As a reward we raise the rank, we get experience points, gold, new weapons and uniforms. It is advisable not to smoke too much with cheats and crack codes, so as not to be banned by administrators. But in this case, you can bypass the protection of the server and again enjoy the game.

BattleRush Gift Codes:

1. xhy96784pD
2. TR65856M
3. 4B47347Ah
4. IT8568567rW
5. lV846708y2

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