Battleship Clash Naval Warfare cheat codes for Android, free Gold & Diamonds

Battleship Clash Naval Warfare is a free military strategy on Android and iOS. Download and enjoy the endless battles with 3D graphics. Create your own fleet with dozens of ships and explore the neighboring islands. Create your own empire, develop the fleet and become a well-known commander. Start with a small number of ships and use money and diamonds, to expand and raise the level. The game has two currencies, gold and precious stones. The second can be obtained by spending real money, or violating the rules of the game. But hack Battleship Clash Naval Warfare can lead to the blocking of your account and loss of achievement. Therefore, the use of bonus codes for additional resources will allow you to gain an advantage in the game without risks.

Battleship Clash Naval Warfare Codes for Android:

  • 250 000 gold – MS#M5uNgZ
  • 4,500 diamonds – AV#4euY8U

Money gives you complete freedom of action and rapid growth of the level. Using the premium currency, the player can open for free the premium chests and receive unique and rare items. This will strengthen your fleet and allow you to acquire powerful units of equipment. Buy paid items and make quick improvements. Cheats Battleship Clash Naval Warfare are not violations of the rules of the game, because the purchases in the game are built-in, use them to get money.

Brief review, tips and secrets:

The game has a nice 3D graphics and allows you to take part in exciting battles. Varieties of technology and different goals for capture require you to have power and strategic solutions. Take on the role of naval commander and fight for the islands. The power of your fleet will depend on the number of battles and experience. Raising the level, you unlock more equipment that you can use in future battles.

Conduct updates, install new weapons on ships. Increase their characteristics and power to acquire one of the most powerful fleets. Ships and aircraft constantly require resources to upgrade and improve. Download mod Battleship Clash Naval Warfare and get an unlimited number you will not get. Purchases of resources take place online and you will quickly be exposed. Use the secret bonus codes and take part in historical battles. Follow all the steps, and share with your friends.

Battleship Clash Naval Warfare cheat codes


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