Beast Brawlers hack cheat codes for Android, free Coins & Crystals

Fantasy multiplayer game on Android and iOS – Beast Brawlers. Download it for free, every fan of battles in real time. Choose a hero in the form of an animal, use force and potions to defeat your rivals. In the battle involved 4 players, and you need to use all the forces to win. Run, poison and explosions, you need to survive at any cost to get a reward in the form of gold coins and crystals. With their help you can open chests and unlock new characters. Players often try to use Beast Brawlers hack to get a lot of potions and money for free. In this article you will find tips on how to get precious stones and coins for free, without violating the rules of the game. Become the leader of the battle arena and earn more points. Use super strokes to deal more damage. Use strategic stratagems and the advantages of your character to gain victory in the game.

Codes Beast Brawlers:

  • 25 600 coins – KCQI553-398ey
  • 4 500 Crystals – Z1SF03E-837ry

The fight lasts 2 minutes, during this time you need to do more damage. The table of results you can always observe at the top of the screen. Taking the first place can count on pleasant rewards and bonuses. Each player is fighting against three opponents in the arena. Victory will be given to only one and will depend not only on the level, but also on the correctly chosen strategy. To do this, you need to take into account the actions of all players in the arena. Cheats Beast Brawlers will allow you to unlock all arenas and take them to the lead.

This is not MOBA battles, for 2 minutes there is much more action. The dynamics of the battles will plunge into the game completely, and the graphics will immerse themselves in the atmosphere of what is happening. Dozens of unique characters which you can collect in your team. Each of them has its own elements, super strokes. Learning the skills of all the characters of the game is mandatory for the successful construction of the strategy.

Change the style of the game based on the selected map and opponents. Be flexible in order to catch the opponent by surprise. Download mod Beast Brawlers and get a lot of money in the online game will not work. Using the game store, each player can receive money using free purchases. Conduct as many battles as possible to quickly raise the level. To increase the experience, watch the repetitions of battles and share achievements with friends.

Beast Brawlers android cheat


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