Biathlon Mania Android free Money and Gems, Review and Secret, not mod

Be a professional biathlete with the game Biathlon Mania on the Android and iOS. Here you can experience the life of an athlete of this sport. To do this, you need to download the game from the official websites and know some secrets. About how to get more crystals in the game for free. Money in the game are needed to buy all the equipment, suits, skis and other. In addition to participating in the competition, you will perform the coach tasks. This will allow you to accumulate skills and raise your level. Knowing all the secrets, you can quickly get up on the podium and earn more experience.

Purchases Biathlon Mania:

  • 35 000 Money – TUUI-CNJX*ue
  • 1850 Gems – NVKZ-QHEW*cn

Gems and money gives the player an opportunity not to carry out dozens of repetitive races, to buy a new suit, or skiing. But they are needed to improve the general characteristics of the velocity and increase the working area of your character. Download mod Biathlon Mania of the game is better on the official websites of Android and ios. Only then we can ensure the work of promo codes for free resources.

It is important that in addition to the main game, we have constant training. These jobs give coach for us. This improves the characteristics of our character and to improve the level. But you do not need to learn to ski, it is enough to click on the screen. This will allow you to maintain an optimal pace of the game and show the best result.

Shooting is an important component of biathlon. The game has a stage that is not inferior to the best mobile shooting range. You will see a 5 targets, each of which is necessary to bring down the shortest possible time. Accuracy is very important, so you should work out these skills. Hack Biathlon Mania does not make you a better player, simply allow to buy the best items in the game. Each player can get a bit of money and gems to account for free. They will brighten up the gameplay a little shopping in the store. Share with your friends and brag your achievements.

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