Bit City Cheat codes for Android, much Money free Cash

Free Bit City on Android can to download each player. Build your own city, from the creators of Tiny Tower. Not having a lot of money, you start with a small town and you can build a real metropolis. Private banking, electricity and road system. Develop the city and attract new people, discover new technologies and buildings. Earn a profit to the budget, use it for the improvement and modernization of old buildings. Make the city on the basis of advanced technologies.  For those who are looking for hack Bit City, we will explain how to get money in the game without the risks and policy violations. Each player can get additional resources to the account without downloading the mod or gain root or jailbreak rights. Free purchases allow to obtain additional resources. Properly disposing of them, you can quickly develop into the town and get more profit.

Bit City cheat codes:

  • 25 000 money bonus code – QNl#bZ99z8e
  • 500 000 million coins – NcC#X2Wfghx
  • Unlock the building – only with higher levels.

Collect funds for the development you have to all possible methods. But in order to unlock all the buildings is necessary consistently develop in the game. Raising the level of building, learning new technology, you get the opportunity to build a new building type and upgrade old ones. A large variety of items, cars and planes available for use by the residents of your town.

As in most similar games, like the city should its inhabitants. To do this, the player can equip entertainment venues, attractions, and buy other buildings. Many sites offer the to download mod Bit City and receive an unlimited amount of money and unlock all the buildings. Even if such a possibility exists, using it you will lose interest in the game. It is worth the time and give a pleasant pastime.

Bit City hack

The graphics in the game is very colorful, you can watch the city with high and see how it moves in life. The appearance and location of the buildings depends entirely on you. Money Bit City let you receive the new technology earlier than others, and use them to improve the quality of life. Each building will bring you money, but do not forget about the costs and investments needed for rapid development. Use the tips for a more rapid development in the game.


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