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Black Survival cheats

Money, gold, gems, rating, weapons, points of characteristics, legendary things, kill with one blow, loot – for all this there are Cheats Black Survival. Modification of your body is completed, you are moved to the recovery room, where you receive the initial briefing and opening before the fight. You are on the island of Lumia. You will stay here for a while. Do yourself a favor and at least get acquainted with the names of places. On this island you have only one task. Risk your life against 9 other fighters. Become the only survivor on the hacked island with cheats and codes. You are not quite aware of the situation in which you are. Well, we have too little time to give you a proper explanation for hacking the game. Just try it, and in the end you will understand everything yourself. I very much wish you good luck.

Cheat codes Black Survival for free for Android and iOS:

1. Vc85856U
2. si965857o
3. uL57457hl
4. Sf84745hr
5. fuY09685D
6. mR8458yg1
7. j745736du
8. bR7563iTa
9. YG95NDSa
10. sIP8856hR

(Money, gold, gems, rating, weapons, glasses characteristics, legendary things, kill with one hit, loot) + fix bugs and bugs of the game

Let’s get acquainted with how the experiment actually goes. As soon as the test begins, you will need to get out of this zone until the time has elapsed (for more details, see the zones, cheats, codes and advice below in the article).

The hacked version of Black Survival offers:

Drops more things, materials for crafting, we get more experience in the study.
Opponents die from one strike with a probability of 25%, which greatly facilitates movement through the zones. Cheats for gems, gold, money – you can improve the character. Points of Characteristics, rating, legendary weapons.

Android cheats Black Survival hacked version of the codes

You have many open maps at your disposal: plant, slums, docks, town hall, pond, hotel, lane, school, fire station, NE center, tunnel, suburb, church, trail, shooting range, hospital, forest, cemetery, beach, well, temple and a lighthouse. It is on them that all the action will take place in the game. Click the move icon in the lower right corner. You can navigate to different zones by selecting from on the map.

When you find yourself on one of the zones – it’s time for a quiz! What do you need to do to be the last survivor? Search and attack other people or find a place where you can hide. Remember, the restricted areas will only expand. At the moment when the whole island of the hacked version of Black Survival turn into a restricted area of ​​cheats and codes, everyone will die. The only way to get out of here alive is to be the last survivor.

Black Survival hack

Hack Black Survival Tips: To protect yourself, you need a weapon. Click on the center of the screen to explore the area. You can combine two items to get a higher-level item. The created items are stored in the bag. The most basic material for cooking food is boiling water. Everything is more or less edible, if this thing is cooked. You can get boiling water just by cooking it.

But how do you find out what materials are needed for hacking, for cheats and codes? Click on the red target selection button in the upper left corner of the screen. Use the navigator – a useful tool that informs you about the necessary materials and areas where they can be found. You can get the trophy if you win over the opponent. Some of these trophies are useful materials for dishes.

You do not need to download Black Survival mod:

Secrets of the passage of Black Survival: do not stay in the restricted area, otherwise the bracelet will explode and kill you. Run from there until the time is up. Before the zone becomes forbidden, a warning appears. Always be on the alert. In the hacked version there are only 7 types of cheats and codes for weapons. It’s best to enter cheats on the weapons that you own best. The numbers below the image correspond to the type of weapons available and the level of possession.

Gift codes Black Survival:

1. 7o9586B74
2. bJi56846Rl
3. V845745i8rF
4. tgJ845745hJ
5. OU845845hw

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