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The new strategy game for Android devices – Blaze of War. Create own castle and protect its territory. Develop its economy, military affairs and create a powerful army. It is useful to you to defend your own castle and attack others. Forward, win and earn gold as a reward for your accomplishments. Earn money in the game, and spends upgrade your buildings. Increases military power using the received resources. Battles in the game take place with real players all over the world. Use the power of nature and the skill of your army to win. Each player has the opportunity to develop his kingdom. In parallel, develops the economic part of the game and creating an army. It may consist of knights, warriors, and even dragons. Get free money Blaze of War for the rapid increase in the level of the game.

Purchases Blaze of War:

  • 50 000 gold – CPJX-5ATF*D0
  • VIP status – BZQB-LKC4*CC
  • Double experience – MV94-JJUF*T5

The game is quite fun and is designed in the style of the Middle Ages. It is a strategy in which you need to plan the resources consumption and keep up to carry out the battle. To do this, you must have a strategy for the use of your army. It is activated by pressing a button and requires time to recover. Castles of players are opposite each other. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy castle. Above each of them there is a scale of life.

The winner is the one who has the proper division of power to protect and advance. An important role played the power of your characters, but the game adjusts the power to come across equal rivals. Players using hack Blaze of War trying to get extra gold for development. This makes it possible to accelerate the process of construction and building upgrades. Having gold and crystals player has the ability to quickly increase the level and earn more rewards for victory.


But it is worth remembering that competitors will come across stronger and more experienced during increasing your level. So the use of Blaze of War mod be with the mind and do not rush to increase the level. Always update warriors and dragons to the maximum, without increasing the level of the castle. This will allow you to be one of the strongest at this level and get an advantage. You go in the game more often and get daily bonuses. Any additional resources would be useful in the passing game. Use the secret codes in the game in order to obtain free resources in the game.

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