Blocky Baseball hack cheat codes for Android, free Money and unlock Characters

Download for free Blocky Baseball in which you will be able to master the basics of baseball. If it’s brief, then you need to react quickly and hit the ball in time. But the game is not so simple, you can throw a colorful bomb, beating off which you lose one of the lives. To win, you need to successfully beat balls and miss the bombs. The game is very simple and fun, everyone can play it by downloading it to Android and iOS. In addition, you will throw coins and stars, collecting them you raise the level and replenish the piggy bank. Money in the game is needed to unlock all the characters. How to do it quickly without using Blocky Baseball hack, you will learn in this article. Free purchases using secret codes will allow you to get the coins on the account and experience all the characters. Increase your own level, train the reaction and set world records.

Blocky Baseball Codes:

  • Unlock paid characters – dp0BO7rfY
  • 7 500 coins for free – 2nrlK1d8N

Grab the bat with a forward to test the character in which the fish is instead of bits. It’s very funny, each of the heroes has its own reaction to successful balls and setbacks. It is very fun and allows you to get involved in the game. Get to the maximum levels, the further the more difficult it becomes. Balls fly faster and more often, bombs with paint appear. Cheats Blocky Baseball will allow you to open all the items from the game store.

This arcade can be played endlessly. The developer has several similar games in stock. Colorful, pixel graphics, interesting gameplay. After installing the game, it can be started at any time and interesting to spend time. With each level the game requires more concentration, attention and reaction. Share with the characters all the successes and failures and set new records.

Mod Blocky Baseball can be downloaded free of charge. A fun sports game will appeal not only to baseball fans. Endless arcade with many locations, characters and a retro style of graphics. It’s very simple and exciting, compete with your friends with your achievements. Take the most difficult throws, get experience and receive additional gifts and bonuses.

Blocky Baseball cheat codes


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