Blocky Bronco cheat Codes for Gems, unlock all characters

How long can you stay on the bull? Want to prove your superiority to everyone, but do not want to use hack Blocky Bronco? Now you can become the best cowboy and learn secret cheats, after entering them. You can get tips and unlock such skills from your hero, which you did not even guess. The most basic element of a successful game is your good reaction. You can make the game interesting enough, but in order to get more virtual currency, you need to enter cheats Blocky Bronco. The essence of using secret codes is to get an unlimited amount of money and various opportunities. Saddle the bull and show everyone what you are capable of. It really helps your hero to become the first winner of the game. What is the constant development? Change the character in order to diversify the game. Choose yourself. It can be a girl, guy, musician or other funny characters, which you can unlock only after using our secrets.

Cheat Codes Blocky Bronco for Android:

• 39,000 Gems – A_457eisjeoi
• Unlock all characters – G_589esisk

At this point, the game is not available to IOS users. But very soon, you can download it for these types of devices, as developers are already working on a new version of the game. In any case, you can enter these codes for all mobile devices. The fact that our codes without downloading mod Blocky Bronco, are part of the game. You will not be able to use many resources for free using other methods.

Codes were used by developers as a quick way of passing the game or testing. Is that what you want, too? Then use them and thus gain access to an unlimited number of crystals, unlock all players and raise the rating of your character. Set new records and never give up.

Secrets and game review:

In the game Blocky Bronco, it is very important to have experience and quickly monitor what is happening on the screen. While your hero is trying to stay on the bull you have to help him by controlling the entire process, using skills and good reaction. The more often you train, the faster you can diversify the game and add more colors to it. Change the bull to a rocket or color it pink. Be sure to share this information with your friends and read the instructions for entering the codes.

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