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The new action game Blocky Castle at first glance looks very funny, but in fact you have to go a long and thorny path to the top of the tower. This game is free for Android and IOS, but most importantly – it has paid purchases. If you do not use additional resources, then most likely the game will not be interesting for you for a long time. Another disadvantage of the game is advertising, which constantly appears on your screen. In order for it to disappear, you must also pay real money. Buying virtual resources will help you make the gameplay more interesting and entertaining, but players prefer to search for Blocky Castle hack. You can decide whether it’s right or not. The main thing – you should remember about some disadvantages of this method, which can lead to serious problems with the mobile device. In this article you will find information that will help you get many resources for free and without risk.

Bonus codes Blocky Castle:

  • 80 000 Gold coins – RU-UE*uei389

Funny animals, including pets, decided that they should get to the top of a huge tower. After that, their adventures began and you must control every movement of the animal. This is not a difficult task at all, because management in the game is very easy. The problem is that you have to act very quickly and know when to move backwards or forwards, and when to jump. Downloading mod Blocky Castle you will not get additional resources. All you need is in this article.

Already from the first level you may have problems with the passage of the game. But you can outwit the system and use some clues. It really works. Gold coins are the main currency in the game. With their help, you can buy the necessary items, unlock all animals and all the towers, buy the necessary number of lives. In a word, the game will be the way you want, if you have a lot of virtual money.

Cheats Blocky Castle is exactly what you need, besides, you should not risk the safety of your phone or other gaming device. Escape from dangers and exercise a lot, because even a huge amount of gold coins will not give you victory if you do not have enough game experience. Enjoy bright and high-quality graphics and share this secrets with your friends on social networks. This will help you get even more needed bonuses.

Blocky Castle cheat codes


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