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Blocky Highway hack

Good afternoon, dear users, today we will talk about hacking a new game called Blocky Highway game. The application came out on the tablet and mobile devices of the android system and already collected not a small number of fans with its unusual. Each of us, for certain, dreamed of a set of tanks, trucks and so on in childhood. So hack Blocky Highway realizes long-forgotten dreams of adult uncles.

Cheats Blocky Highway for Android and iOS, for free

1) Enter the alphabetic code for coins (gold) – q-fb239r
2) Remove ads – Z-bfgr289q
3) To fly level on the helicopter – N-brg289qd
4) Immortality is l-brg1289q. You can go without fear of crashing.
5) Continuous shooting – L-cn83w
6) open the tank, fighter – 4-ght29f
7) open all collections – x-gbt923r. City, racing, military, construction, minibuses

Genre Blocky Highway – race, the most simple overtaking, but with a twist. First you need to select the route, then the type of ride (there are three types: one lane, two and free riding). In a free ride does not cause damage. To pass the level the user needs to collect all the letters of the desired word. Also on the road will be scattered gold coins, which will help you discover new collections and improve cars.

Free hacked Blocky Highway without downloading mod apk:

After each level, you will be offered a choice of three boxes, from which you must select one, in which one of the new machines will be located. Also in Blocky Highway will be given the side tasks: to drive at a maximum speed of as many kilometers, collect a certain number of coins, split several cars and so on.

In not many races you can brake or signal to ask to move another car. In other blocks, the blocks change their stereotypes. Sometimes on the way the user will meet and train, which you need to have time to jump on special trampolines. Still you can see ahead of the green arrow to rise above the track by helicopter.

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