Boom Island Cheats for Gold Coins and Shields for free, Android secrets and Tips, Review

Do you want to be on an island that hovered in the clouds, besides, it is a real miracle. Get many resources for free without using Boom Island hack. How is this possible? On this question you can find the answer in our article. Earn a lot of gold and shields. They will allow you to free your island from the invaders. Great value in this game is luck, because you need to twist the wheel and no one knows what sign it is on.

But using Boom Island cheats, you can learn some secrets that will allow you to learn the game and learn how to make the wheel stay on the section that you need. But this is the main task of the game. You must develop your island and be stronger and smarter than your rivals. You can select gold from enemies, but do not forget to protect your savings at the same time.

Cheat codes Boom Island for Android and IOS:

• Double Gold Coins – K-39efriuj
• Get 1,000 Shields (enter the code again before passing the level) – T-54sofdicsk

These resources will help you build new homes and also get many new islands. You can become rich and increase your accumulated treasures. But of course, the main value in the game Boom Island are the Islands, which you can get. An incredibly beautiful and colorful world meets you. You can get a huge amount of virtual resources and provide yourself with them in full.

How to use codes, secrets of passing and review:

Play along with your friends, and in order for the game to be more exciting and interesting, you should share this article in social networks. In addition to the visible benefits, you also get access to the blocked instructions on our website. After that you will be able to read all the necessary information about entering secret codes, if it was not available to you yet.

You do not have to download the Boom Island mod or look for other ways to hack. This method is very easy to use and it does not take you much time – just a few minutes. As you already understood, this is completely free of charge, but you should definitely share this article in social networks. Only in this way will you be able to read the necessary information and receive many shields and gold coins from Boom Island.


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