BotHeads Hack and Cheats for Gems and Cash for Android and iOS for free

BotHeads is an arcade game in which your main weapon should be logic and the right strategy. You control a geometric figure – a cube, which sometimes is not subject to the laws of physics. The main thing that you have to do is to accurately calculate the trajectory of the cube landing and, at the same time, monitor whether there are any pitfalls or dangers on its way. You can just ask the vector of his flight, everything else will be done by the game. Some gamers want to find a hack BotHeads in order to facilitate their task and increase the number of lives or points. This is quite normal desire. And if you read this article, it means that you finally found a method that actually works. This will allow you to improve the gameplay and make it more interesting for free and quickly. If you have already searched for a hack, then you know that finding it is very difficult and troublesome. While downloading different files, you can earn a lot of problems with your mobile device and gaming account.

Cheat codes BotHeads for Android and IOS:

• 20 000 Cash – G_gr2389wd
• Double Score – S_dh854dh
• +10 000 Lights – X_sj481ci

Thanks to this article you will not have to download anything or search for additional information on the Internet. At first glance – the game has few interesting elements, but if you are an experienced player, then you know that ordinary-looking black silhouettes are compensated by the exciting idea of ​​the game. It’s very simple, the longer you last – the more points you earn. But using codes, you can double them!

How to enter cheats BotHeads for receiving resources for free:

In order to get an answer to this question, you must gain access to the secret instruction that is posted on our website. It’s very easy to do this – share this article in social networks and after a few minutes you will have access to your ip address. Use this method to provide your account with enough free virtual currency.

If you are afraid to download mod BotHeads, then you do it right. And in general our method does not require downloading any files. The amazing physics of the game and the unlimited possibilities in the game are already waiting for you. Become a record holder and earn the necessary experience for a long and interesting game.


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