Bounty Blast free Lives and Gold for Android, Cheat codes and secrets

Hack Bounty Blast will help you turn this bright puzzle into an even more exciting game. You do not need to download various files or get rights for hacking. We have already taken care of everything for you. You can also improve the gameplay with free codes that you can easily enter in your gaming account. Despite the fact that the gameplay is quite simple, many gamers are experiencing difficulties at difficult levels of the game. And this is normal, because only the initial levels may seem simple to you. In order to improve the gameplay, you do not need to download the Bounty Blast mod and this news is very encouraging for the players. In order to become the best of the best, you just need to enter the correct codes in the gaming account. But do not forget about the experience. This is also a very important component of a successful game.

Bounty Blast cheats codes for free:

  • Free code – R-fh309ghie, will help you get 5 New Lives
  • To call 3 000 Gold – C-f20g93gf0, the code can be entered not more often than 3 times a month
  • Block annoying ads during the game process – U-gh0238gev, enter this code
  • Code T-2b03giev, will help to double all other resources

Combine the same figures on the playing field and destroy them. In order to successfully pass the level, you need to carefully read the task. It is in it that the whole essence of the game process lies. Thanks to free cheat codes, you can easily become a leader in the game and get unlimited opportunities. Connect Crystals, hearts and other figures, jewelry. New levels will bring you more needed resources in the game. To do this, use your experience and proven cheats Bounty Blast for free purchases.

Secrets of passing the game and getting free virtual currency in the form of Gold and Lives:

As in many similar games, you must save lives. They disappear if you can not pass the level in the game. But the hacked Bounty Blast will give you a lot of free bonuses. You can afford to make mistakes without any consequences. If you have already entered the codes before, then do it again, but if you are a beginner, you should definitely read the instruction on the introduction of codes. This information will allow you to do everything correctly and quickly, without effort and investing real money.

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