Brawl Stars Hack, Cheat, codes for Android & iOS, free Gems

Quickly raise the level, get a lot of money and coins, use the code for the gems. Hack Brawl Stars is not needed if you learn how to use bonus codes and get resources to your account. This allows you to save a lot on the game and get a significant advantage. Raise your hero’s level, buy new weapons and carry out improvements. Premium currency without breaking the rules of the game is available to everyone on iOS and soon on Android.

Brawl Stars cheat codes:

  • 1 200 Gems – bs*jzRN7yN
  • Double coins (enter every 14 days) – bs*8kauYj6
  • Disable ads – bs*XXCUSyf
  • Double experience – bs*oupPjIx

Develop the Brawlers team and take the first places in the standings. Use the secrets to get the elixir and chips to improve your own team. Develop a strategy and destroy the enemy, using super attack characters. Each of them has unique skills and cheats Brawl Stars allow you to quickly develop their level and get a strong team for battles, for free.

Short guide, review and characters

On the quality of the game, the graphics suffice to say “from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale”. This indicates a high level of play in great prospects, so it is very important to start first to occupy places in the standings. Discover a new world of battles 3 to 3 with unique heroes, exciting battles in real time.

You can control the progress of battles with one finger, tap into the right place to start moving. Click on the enemy to fire. At the bottom there is a super strike indicator, wait for recovery and use to destroy everything around. Different maps with walls, grass and other obstacles. Each element of the card can be used to gain a strategic advantage over the opponent. Free Brawl Stars is doomed to millions of downloads, but for now you can use codes and become one of the strongest players.

Game modes, gems and coins

  • Bounty mode in which teams are fighting for the stars, eliminate the opponent, earn points. The team wins with a large number of stars, at the end of time;
  • Smash & Grab team battles for crystals, the first team that collected 10 crystals and held them, wins. They are in the center of the map;
  • Heist – the mode in which you need to capture the safe of the opposing team, while leaving the players to protect their own possessions. The strategy is winning and the distribution of team heroes is correct.
  • Disassembly: the battle mode, all against all. The winner is one player who survived. Use gems Brawl Stars to have an advantage, a powerful weapon and a strong character.

Destroy enemies, gain experience and raise the level to unlock all game modes and heroes. Fight together with friends, fight for crystals, or participate in battles for survival. Use your skills and weapons to seize the championship. Playing the command mode, communicate with the players and develop a joint strategy.

To become a leader in the game you will need a lot of coins and precious stones. Using free purchases, everyone can get them for free without downloading Brawl Stars mod, and without entering personal data. Unlock characters and develop their skills to show the best result. Additional rewards and pleasant bonuses are available to everyone for free.


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