Brawlerz Nitro cheat codes for Android, free money Secret & Tips

Brawlerz Nitro is a race and battle in the arena. The announced game was back in 2014 and now it is ready for the PC. A version on Android and iOS is also expected, but the release time is not yet known. And the functions on mobile devices will not be so much. But still battles in the arena with other players promise to be very interesting. Combinations of shooter and racing. Improve your car, buy new weapons and install it for battles. Often the players, in order not to spend money, are looking for Brawlerz Nitro hack on the network. To get resources you do not have to break the rules, you can use bonus codes. This will strengthen the weapons and raise the level. Join massive battles and gain maximum experience. In the game a large number of paid items, which can be obtained only for real money, or premium currency. Using secrets, each player following the instructions can replenish the account and get additional resources into the account.

Brawlerz Nitro codes:

  • 100 000 money for free – EO#goi_355

Codes allow you to enjoy the game, raise the level without attachments. Create a powerful car, equip it with weapons and fight. It is necessary as long as possible to stay alive and destroy the maximum number of enemies. In the game a large number of changes after the announcement, as well as pleasantly surprise the opportunity for improvement. Cheats Brawlerz Nitro allow you to buy cars and improve their performance to the maximum.

Review of the game, tips for passing:

The game has colorful graphics and addictive gameplay. What remains in the Android version is not known, but the breadth of the multiplayer mode will be cut off. Many functions are not implemented on the touch screen, but still many will be interested in the shooter of this genre. Battles take close 10 minutes, during this time you need to have time to score the maximum number of points.

The game looks pretty cool, and after the release of the version on Android we will publish the codes for this platform. To get money in the game you do not need to download ,. Bonus codes allow you to unlock all weapons in deadly races. Flamethrowers, machine guns, grenade launchers. Shoot and dodge attacks. Stay alive and destroy the weakest to earn the maximum amount of experience.

Brawlerz Nitro hack


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