Brick Wizard cheat codes for Gold and Lives without downloading mod apk, Android&iOS

The top company of developers of mobile games has already presented users with a new exciting game Brick Wizard. If you are a fan of games from Candy Crash, then you already know that each of them has an interesting plot, very high-quality graphics and, of course, you need to invest real money in every game if you do not want to wait for several hours to You again have life in the game. You have a limit of lives that end very quickly. A few unsuccessful attempts to go through a difficult level and everything – you can no longer play. In order to start the game again and get at least one try, you need to wait at least half an hour. Hack Brick Wizard can solve your problem. But it depends on what kind of hacking you use. On our site you will find all the necessary information that will help you save money and time.

Cheat Codes Brick Wizard for Android and IOS:

  • Full Lives – B # _H3nr0ed5
  • 1800 Gold – N # _K8chisb8

In each case, life can be bought with gold, which can be bought only by paying real money. Thus, it becomes clear that the game is actually paid. You can devote time to the game, but you have to wait until new life appears. Using the Brick Wizard cheats for gold and lives, you can receive these resources in unlimited quantities. In order to learn how to correctly enter codes, you need to access the instructions on our website.

Secrets Brick Wizard, a review of how to get gold and life in unlimited quantities:

The essence of the game is very simple. In all games this developer can be understood in just five minutes. In this game, you need to beat the luminous ball in such a way that it destroys all the crystals. To do this, you can also set the correct trajectory for it. If you do not catch the ball, then you can take advantage of other opportunities, but they are also limited.

In order to do everything you want and do not wait for the game, you just have to enter the cheats without downloading mod Brick Wizard. In fact, this method is very dangerous for mobile devices and can bring a lot of hassle, including viruses and loss of personal data. Share the link to this article in social networks – this is the key to unlimited opportunities in the game. Enjoy a bright game and spend your free time pleasantly.


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