Brothers in Arms 4 for Android free Medals and Tags, not mod

Advanced graphics, dynamic gameplay and a lot of interesting weapons. Brothers in Arms 4 Android will allow you to plunge into the arcade shooter game and have fun. Developers are silent about the appearance of the multiplayer mode. But everything else is present, realistic graphics, a lot of allies and complex tasks. Of course there is Donat, not do without it, but to get the money, you can use some secrets. The game will have new brothers-in-arms, with new features, you will discover them during the passage of the storyline. As the name implies, you are a soldier that is in association with your brothers embarking on the path of war. You have a large arsenal of weapons and a variety of reinforcements. Allies will have the right skills to complete complex missions. Using secret codes, you can get more stars and the money to buy equipment.

Purchases 4 Brothers in Arms:

  • 20 000 Medals – RQFIDG38
  • 20,000 Dog Tags – SKCYXHMK

Before each mission you will choose your character and weapons that will go with you on the task. Many are looking for hack Brothers in Arms 4 to expand their arsenal of weapons. To unlock all the “brothers” in the game, you just need the star points of skill. After selecting your character you get to review the mission and tasks. After completing that, you get rewarded in the form of new items and counters. Many light tasks await you in the game. After that, start a real war with skirmishes, where every shot is very important.

If you find it difficult to cope alone, you can always ask to call an artillery strike. After that you will spend sweep and move forward. Finish the level the player gets the items that can be used to update the objects. This will increase your level in the game and open up new opportunities and modes in the game. As expected from the company Gameloft, here are more realistic graphics and gameplay. Here you will not terminator that can get 5 bullets and continue fighting. As expected your health runs out quickly, and you need to hide, to be restored to the battle.

Brothers in Arms 4 free

Daily visits to the game promises new awards. The longer you do it, the more valuable bonuses. The game has collected positive reviews on Google Play and allow to enjoy the quality gameplay. The developers promise to create new locations and updates to maintain interest in the game. Download mod Brothers in Arms 4, you can at the official site Android and iOS. Follow achieve and have the new assistants to pass challenging levels.


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