Brutal Tiny War free Gold, Money – cheat codes for Android, Secret & Tips

Brutal Tiny War is a new strategic game in which you need to become a real commander and conquer territories of new lands. Create your own personal alliance. This will help you feel the constant support from other players on your team. In order to make the game more intense and colorful you should have not only unique skills but also wisdom. Strategic games are always characterized by the need for the player’s mental abilities in the game. This game is not an exception. If the player has enough experience and a good strategy – he can win the battle under any circumstances, even without using hack Brutal Tiny War. But if you want to save valuable time, you can use our secrets, thanks to which, in your account will be a huge amount of free gold coins. You will not need to pay money for getting them.

Bonus codes Brutal Tiny War for Android and Ios:

  • 1 900 Stamina – pVuZxlY*554
  • 2 000 Gold Coin – pRzWErb*345
  • 4,900 Gold Coins – xwFFQtz*235
  • Double Medals – xb60plQ*796

Do not delay and quickly enter secret Brutal Tiny War cheats in your account, which will be a confirmation of payment. But in fact you do not have to spend a penny. The more you practice in the game – the sooner you can improve the level of the game and build the city you dream about. Conquer new territories and get many additional resources that are needed for the development of the city and your team.

Review of the game, secrets of obtaining endurance and gold coins:

Note that in addition to the main resources (which you can buy for real money) there are also secondary resources in the game. Such as food, metal, wood, silver and so on. In order to get them you need to have a lot of basic virtual currency. It is for this reason that our code does not list codes for other resources. Remember that you do not need to download Brutal Tiny War mod.

This method on the contrary can harm your account and gaming device. Take care of your personal data and do not download suspicious files. In order to learn how to correctly enter cheats – share this article in social networks. This is the only method for accessing instructions for your ip address.


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