Bubblegum Hero Cheats for Gold coins, Android and iOS, not mod

Surely, you have not yet met such an interesting story in the game. If you want to get a lot of gold coins to buy chewing gums and characters, but you do not need to download a mod, just use our Bubblegum Hero hack. This hacking will help you get more practice and your hero will only inflate the biggest and most accurate gum bubbles. The idea is to inflate the ideal bubble with the help of chewing gum, if you overdo it and make it too big or vice versa, you will not get enough, the chewing gum will burst and stick to your face. You must remember that the game process can be successful only if there are a lot of gold coins. Cheats Bubblegum Hero are special codes, with which you can buy new characters in the game. This will add variety to the gameplay and help you get a lot of new experiences. In addition, you can buy a lot of delicious chewing gums in order to inflate the right bubbles.

Bonus codes Bubblegum Hero for free:

  • Get 16 000 Gold Coins – A_h309tef
  • Disable ads – E_f309wefh
  • Double the reward – P_ry2309etf

You can get a lot of virtual currency, but for this, you must correctly enter special codes. The game has a choice of chewing gum, but this is a lottery. Sometimes you can get a lemon gum, and sometimes with a taste of sweets. Also, you can pull out a rare and exclusive chewing gum, but for this you must have enough experience. In case you are a beginner, it’s not so easy to do.

A lot of Gold coins without downloading Bubblegum Hero mod:

Use the resources you need to help unlock all the characters in the game. At the first stage of the game, you can only get one character – an ordinary guy who blows bubbles from chewing gum. But if you want to get a hipster, a granny, a sumo wrestler or an elegant girl, you have to earn a lot of gold coins. Get them with our secret codes in the game Bubblegum Hero without using a hack, which very often can be dangerous.

Thanks to these secrets, you can realize your intention and become the leader by the number of points and awards. Compete with other gamers and gain access to unlimited opportunities in the game and unlock all the characters. In addition, you can choose any rare chewing gum and your hero will enjoy her taste. Use our cheat codes and get unlimited possibilities.


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