Build a Bridge Adroid hack cheat codes, Free Tips and Coins

Build a Bridge is a new puzzle from the developers of BoomBit Games. Download the free game on Android and iOS and enjoy technical improvisation. Become an engineer of complex structures and bridges for ferrying equipment. Test the strength of the design and get rewards in the form of coins. Use the minimum amount of money to build to get more experience. The game requires you to have technical skills and imagination. Passing through several levels you will understand physics, but the tasks will be more complicated. Players are looking for a Build a Bridge hack to get hints on difficult levels. They can be bought for coins. Using secret codes, you can get endless tips without hacking the game and wasting real money. Small tricks will help you in a difficult situation. Concentrate on the task and use several attempts to perform. The less money you spend on building, the more you will get yourself.

Codes Build a Bridge:

  • 10 000 coins for free – SE # GG5cF4jk
  • Unlock levels – Sz # j3HlIKA6
  • Disable ads – FH # TS77q9SQ

Test your skills in practice. Crossing bridges requires large trucks and very heavy equipment. Take the tests, use tips to save as much money as possible. For each project you are given an amount. At the beginning of each level you will see how much money you can spend to earn three, two and one star. If you want to get clues, use the Build a Bridge cheats.

The game has combined graphics. At the construction stage of the structure you will be controlled in the 2D interface. Checking the bridge takes place in 3D mode, you can see the weak points of the structure at the intersection. Use the information received to improve the desired point in the design. Use additional items that may be in the way of building the bridge. Balloons, boulders and more, all this will strengthen your design before testing.

After downloading mod Build a Bridge you will get a great arcade. Bright graphics and addictive gameplay already has a couple of dozen levels. If you are very successful in completing them, you will be able to complete additional tasks to gain additional experience. You can also play in free mode and build arbitrary designs and test them. Open all transport, use them for the most rigid verification of your designs. Use the tips to get additional resources in the game.

Build a Bridge hack


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