Bus Rush 2 free Coins, Unlcok Characters for Android, Secret & Tips

How to unlock all the characters, how to get a lot of coins for free without using hack Bus Rush 2? Free cheat codes on Android & iOS are available to all players, without downloading mods and obtaining special rights. Use secrets to unlock all the parts of the game for yourself. Travel around the colorful Rio and collect all the coins to use them to improve your hero and use a variety of skins. Why did the new version of the game Bus Rush 2 come out, and was not the updated old, already successful? Probably developers were afraid of negative reviews of tens of millions of fans. The new version of the game has better graphics, a new kind of buses, obstacles, coins and other. The game became more enjoyable in appearance, as well as several modes that will allow you to diversify the gameplay. But you will need coins for purchases, so keep the codes.

Codes Bus Rush 2:

  • 100 000 coins for free –
  • Disable ads –
  • Unlock all skins and objects –

Use these tips to unlock all the benefits of the game. This will allow you to set the records for collecting coins and passing levels. Use the backpacks, boosters that will restore you after the error. backpacks and more. Spend coins to diversify the gameplay and use the newest skins and items. Cheats Bus Rush 2 will give the player endless coins and free gameplay.

Review of the game, secrets, coins and skins

The new version of the game is significantly different in quality graphics. It has become more pleasant, bright, detailed and interesting. It’s impossible not to say that she is very similar to Subway Surfers, which is the leader of this genre. Perhaps the developers wanted to lure the players, giving them something familiar, but at the same time different. In the game you need to run around the bus park, but the story is slightly different. But this is the last thing in the rink, because the important gameplay and the quality of development, but it is here at the height.

The player is invited to travel around the colorful Rio. You still need to click in different directions to collect the maximum number of coins. To get a lot of money, the player does not need to download mod Bus Rush 2, or enter personal data. Use the tricks to unlock all the characters, skins and boosters. Create a favorite appearance of the character and buy boards and jet packs. The game also has multiplayer, where you and your friends can compete in the speed of reaction. This gives a new impetus to overcome obstacles even faster and more attentively. Use secrets to get coins for free.


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