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The brakes failed, but you need to drive as far as possible. This is very similar Faily Brakes, but you might like it. After all, here is a little different physics, the same beautiful graphics. Since differences can be called a camera location and obstructions. There you are flying down the hills and meet with stumps, rails and rivers. In this game you have to move around the city and try to hold on the road. Leaving behind the border of the road, you’ll bump into pedestrians, trees and houses. And if a collision with a tree does not threaten the completion of the game, then crashed into a house, you immediately lose. In the game there are pedestrians, who will run away from you. To unlock all the cards, and machines you will need the money. Secrets will help you get the right amount.

Promo codes Busted Brakes:

  • 25 000 Golden coins – WIO5-2E4EJ
  • 2560 Diamond – BQ3A-B846R

This is remarkable the race action game for Android or iOS devices from well-known developer. Everyone can have fun going around obstacles. The game has dozens of cars. Each of them has characteristics of velocity, and the size of the control level. Passing the maximum possible distance you will make money in the form of coins. To unlock all the cars you need to put money in play, or look for hack Busted Brakes. But using such techniques can harm your device. After downloading the mod file, you can infect the device with the virus. Therefore, downloading files from untrusted sites is not recommended.

Usage of codes to free purchases, each player can get a lot of money into your account. If the coins are common currency, the gems will open in front of you all the features of the game. Using cheat Busted Brakes, each player can pass the first levels of the game on the tank. This will occupy the top places in the ranking, beat its own records and records of friends. Using the resources you will be able to continue this level of spending diamonds. In addition to cars you can walk out on the town on a motorbike or helicopter. The game has a day and night, and also the weather conditions.

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