Cairo’s tale Hack and Cheats for Gems and Gold, Double Lives for Android and iOS, without mod apk

The plot of the strategic game Cairo’s tale is like a standard fairy tale. In principle, the name of the game speaks for itself. Wolves want to devour a herd of sheep, and you, as a conscientious shepherd, should do everything in order to prevent it. In fact, it’s not so easy, because you have to do it relying on your own ingenuity and developed strategy. You are looking for hack Cairo’s tale, but in fact this is not what you need, because this method violates the rules of the game. You should just provide the game with resources (it’s best to do this using our secrets), and everything else is your gaming experience and strategy. Wolves will advance one by one, but you must stop them with guns that are placed along the corridor by which the wolves move. The number of guns depends on the amount of virtual currency. You can buy you need a number of weapons or traps, but for this you need to enter secret codes.

Cheats Cairo’s tale for Android:

• 8,000 Gems – J_398eifjd
• 29 000 Gold Coins – N_478weifdj
• Double Lives – K_193edcbjd

Despite the fact that you can buy a lot of weapons to protect the sheep, you need to monitor the number of lives, because they are limited. In order to defeat the wolves, which are constantly advancing, you must keep everything under control. Resources in the form of gold and crystals Cairo’s tale – this is your main money, which is a must when buying a large amount of virtual currency.

Secrets and overview of how to get a lot of gold and crystals for free and fast:

You already know the answer to this question, but one more question remains open. How and where to drive cheats Cairo’s tale? To answer it, you need to read the instruction on our website. In this there is nothing complicated. After that, you can easily protect all the sheep, killing wolves with a powerful weapon.

Also, it is very important to monitor all the indicators that are on the top and the right side of the screen. With their help you can understand how many wolves you still have to kill. Some of them have many lives and in order to destroy them, you need to shoot several times, and some can be killed the first time. Protect your sheep using cheats without downloading Cairo’s tale mod and enjoy the gameplay.


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