Call of Duty: Strike Team Cheats, Android and iOS

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Call of Duty: Strike Team Hack, cheats for Android and iOS

Call of Duty: Strike Team – the famous and all so beloved shooter now will please its fans on the platform android. Gone are the days when you had to search for your favorite game for a long time on your phone. The interesting approach of developers to the gameplay is pleasantly surprising. Now players can easily play as a first person, and from the third. Such a function makes it possible to choose the most convenient form for yourself.

Cheat codes Call of Duty: Strike Team, for free, Android and iOS:

  • To get + 300 000 Cash – Td-fhr93f
  • Double Exp – Sa-rh309f
  • No Ads – Dw-fgt39wf

The plot of the game is based on a story about some enemies who are starting a third world war. But not here it was, to violate the plans and neutralize the enemy is decided by the shock group Strike Team of which you are a member. Thanks to the powerful weapons and equipment, the special purpose group will be able to give a worthy fight to the enemies.

In order that players would not be bored to pass only the company, performing various missions, the developers introduced another mode in which you will have to overcome the huge waves of opponents who will try to destroy you. But for clever gamers who know a lot about shooters, a few thousand armed to the teeth of terrorists will not be a big problem, since there is a hacked Call of Duty Strike Team. Fight, passing interesting missions, and defeat tens of thousands of enemies in the mode of survival.

How to hack Call of Duty: Strike Team and get endless money and experience?

In the Call of Duty Strike Team versions of weapons more than enough. Pistols, submachine guns and sniper rifles are just a small list of the entire arsenal that a player will possess. In addition to this list of weapons will be immediately available, if you use hacking Call of Duty Strike Team.
Cheat codes Call of Duty Strike Team with incredibly great opportunities, which opens all the equipment and arsenal of fighters. Choose weapons to taste and rather into battle, enemies do not doze.

Thanks to the possibilities of reading for the Call of Duty Strike Team, it is now unnecessary to open the weapons store for a long time, and any pistol or rifle can be taken on the job right away. You do not nee download mod Call of Duty Strike Team – worthy of attention shooter, is able to transfer his player to the real battlefield.

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