Call of War free, Cash, Codes, Android, Cheat, free Gems

Participate in multiplayer battles in the free game on Android and iOS. Use the Call of War hack to get money, precious stones into the account. Increase your chances of winning, quickly build your town. Skillfully managing the economic component is much easier when there is a lot of money on the account. Premium currency will save a lot of time and will allow replenishing the reserves of other resources. Stones, food, iron and double experience, use secrets to quickly raise the level in the game Call of War. Develop your buildings, make quick improvements and receive additional rewards. Use the game store to receive premium currency. The player does not need to download the mod, or get special root rights to unlock all the items in the game.

Cheat codes Call of War:

  • 8 760 gems – FutzDrt*465
  • Disable ads – WilA1ch*346
  • Double experience – CWqmOTk*076

Get the advantage, use bonus codes to replenish the account with resources. Participate in battles in real time, defeat strong rivals and become a leader. The game is new, everyone can become a top player, using the advice of this article. Many sites promise a lot of money after downloading Call of War mod. Downloading a similar mod, you can get a hacked version of the game, which will damage your device, personal data.

Review of the game, tips, controls

Colorful, multiplayer shooter on your mobile device. Explore the world, chop down trees, extract resources and build your own empire. Develop the army, hiring soldiers of different classes, train them for future battles. Knights, archers, riders and infantry, use strategic skills to win. Find allies for joint passage and development in the game. Share your secrets with friends and create an alliance by helping each other.

The economic part of the game has ample opportunities. Dozens of building types, extract resources for modernization. Use Call of War cheats to get the diamonds on the account and make quick improvements and increase the level of the lock. Develop faster than your enemy, start powerful dragons, attack the castles of rivals. Battle and select resources from rivals, this is the main source of money in the game.


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