Candy Crush Friends Saga Hack, Cheat, for Android, free Lives – Tips, Guide

More recently, for Android and Iso came a new game from King! Finally, the favorite developers of mobile games pleased the players with a new version of the game. You can download the game for free and you do not even need hack Candy Crush Friends Saga. Previous versions of this game collected millions of downloads, the developers claim that this game will be no less popular and interesting for fans of casual games. As always, you must add combinations of mouth-watering sweets and other sweets. But now the game has even more characters. They will tell you how best to proceed and how best to assemble the combination in order for candy bombs to appear. As always, jelly fish wait for you at the first levels, which swim away in any direction and destroy the figure. But if you already played Candy Crush Friends Saga earlier, then you know that the game has a limited number of moves. This is part of the strategy. You must think on before.

Bonus codes Candy Crush Friends Saga:

  • Get 5 extra lives for free (codes must be entered before passing the level) – xBn#gjHwQ
  • Get 10 000 Gold for free – pcj#UPQgo
  • Unlock +1 character – bjd#D2E96

In this game you not only have to pass interesting levels, but still you need to unlock all friends. Cheats Candy Crush Friends Saga are codes for free purchases, but they give more advantages than you think. You do not have to spend money in order to make your favorite game even more interesting. Now you do not have to wait half an hour to try again to go through a difficult level.

Passage of the game, secrets of obtaining lives and gold:

If you want your account and account to remain safe, then you do not need to download the Candy Crush Friends Saga mod. Thus, you expose your gaming device to a huge risk. As for the passage of the game – the more practice you have – the faster and more productive you will be able to pass the levels. Players want to have a lot of game currency, but in order to get it you need to read the instruction manual.

Only in this way can you get many resources and an unlimited number of lives. During the advent of the level, you have the opportunity to use hints, but very often the players save them. From now on, you do not have to do this, because you can buy tips.

Candy Crush Friends Saga mod android

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