Candy Splash Legend Cheat Codes for Gold Coind without downloading mod apk

If you like games three in a row, then the new casual game Candy Splash Legend will really like you. Like many other similar games, it is very bright and makes players play it again and again. But the number of lives is limited, it is for this reason that there is a game store that can give you a lot of resources in the game including gold coins, which are the main game currency. For free obtaining these resources there is a hack Candy Splash Legend. But this method does not always work, as many sites deceive users and give useless information for the truth. If you want to use another method, then read our article to the end. Go to other sections of the site and look for instructions on how to enter the codes. In order to unlock it, you need to share this article with your friends on social networks. But if you already know how to correctly enter codes, then you can just use them.

Bonus codes Candy Splash Legend for Android and IOS:

• 25,000 Gold Coins – J # _Fh9wer
• Disable Adds – R # _Jrbwei3

The resources listed above are stored in the game, and the codes are a confirmation of the purchase. You do not need to spend money. This currency will appear on your gaming account in a few minutes after using the bonus codes. In order to change their number, re-enter the codes. Thanks to this you no longer have to wait. You can enjoy your favorite game anytime.

How to enter cheats Candy Splash Legend and to learn a lot of gold coins, game secrets:

The secrets in the game are very simple. You must combine the same sweets and the more sweets will be in one row, the more you have the chance to pass the level. Large combinations make it possible to get a candy bomb or other premium figures that, when combined with others, give a three-time destruction of the candy.

If you no longer have moves and your lives or time ends, you can use a hammer or tips, which in a matter of minutes will help you to go through a difficult level. Cheats without downloading Candy Splash Legend mod will give you many tips and change the game for the better. You will be much more interesting if the gameplay will not have limitations. If you also think so, then read the instructions and rather enter the codes in the game.


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